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Elastic and Self-healable Polymers for Organic Electronics 

Figure taken without permission from: Nano Convergence,  2019, 6, 25  

This project aims to understand the interplay of electronic and mechanical properties in π-conjugated polymers to develop mechanically compliant elastic and self-healable electronic materials. The developed materials are highly desirable in various traditional (eg. solar cells, transistors) as well as non-traditional (eg. electronic skin, artificial retina) electronic applications. Taking cues from the easy processability of reversible and thixotropic non-π-conjugated polymer gels, we developed a simple strategy to obtain reversible and thixotropic π-conjugated polymer ionic network (π-PIN) gels. Reversible and thixotropic π-PIN gels are generated by synergistically combining the intriguing properties of π-conjugated polymers with the dynamic properties of ionically cross-linked networks. This project aims to synthesize reversible and self-healable gels and netwroks with controllable electronic and mechanical properties.




Publication: Macromolecules, 2017, 50, 7577;  Polymer, 2020, 204, 122856. 

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